What is a Reading?

Readings normally last around an hour and can take place at Gill’s home or yours.  Gill can do individual readings and also for small groups of people.

Gill carries out readings using a combination of psychic and mediumship skills.  It’s not a scary experience; in fact it can often be very comforting and you may well find that you shed tears of laughter as well as tears of sadness and joy.  Sometimes loved ones share their favourite songs, food and perfumes with Gill, which helps bring a feeling of their presence into the room.

During the course of the reading, Gill will ask her Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels to draw near to help her tune into information coming from your loved ones in the World of Spirit and pass it on to you.  This information can vary from links to shared memories from the past to guidance for you going forward.

Being a medium is a bit like acting as a telephone between the Spirit World and our world.  We tune into a slightly different frequency of energy and act as go betweens between the two worlds.

Gill would ask that you try not to have a fixed idea for a particular person to come through with a message as it isn’t always those people who come forward.  However, the people that do come through with a message usually have a purpose for doing so and their appearance will have a relevance to you at that particular time.