Testimonials for Readings

Having now had two readings with Gill and knowing others who have also worked with her, if you’re looking for clear guidance, reassurance and honest advice in a safe, welcoming space, I cannot recommend Gill enough. 
I always leave feeling clearer, more focused and ready to deal with where my life is at.  I never cease to be delighted when what Gill has told me actually happens. And I feel more grounded and in control of my life as a result of working with her. 
I know people may roll their eyes at spiritual guidance but a session with Gill is like the most enlightened life coaching, counselling and honest self examination you’re ever likely to have. Leave your scepticism at the door and I guarantee you won’t pick it up back up on the way out. 
Coming away from the session with Gill, I felt lighthearted and optimistic.  Some facts that happened to me as a child, as retold by Gill, could not have been fabricated or guessed at. This added extra weight to the advice and guidance Gill gave me and made everything she had to say that  more believable and encouraging.  Gill is a very caring, honest and approachable lady and I would highly recommend a session with her. I will definitely be consulting her again in the future.
Gill's way of reading is beautifully circular and leaves no stone unturned. She said things 
that struck my heart to the core and had me in tears multiple times, reassuring messages from
beyond that felt like a balm on my heart.  Her use of cards, reiki, vocal intoning, and all 
the clairs was so strong I felt energized and lifted after. Tears are actually coming to my 
eyes weeks later as I write this the feeling in my heart is still very strong. 
She truly is a channel of Source Energy.