Ever feel like you’d like to escape from the craziness of life daily challenges and pressures and emerge feeling calmer and more relaxed?

I can teach you how to meditate – either on your own or in a small relaxed informal group.  I’m a qualified Meditation Teacher and am able to offer one to one classes or small groups.

I believe meditation is a very powerful tool to help manage life’s ups and downs and anxieties.  It can help keep you centred in today’s unpredictable world.  It’s a great way to relax, let go and experience the joy of tranquility beyond the restless chatter of the mind.

Learning to meditate is not difficult – it just takes practice.  Meditation as a regular practice has been proven to reduce stress and can make you feel much calmer and more in control of your life.  It can help put things into perspective and deal with life’s difficulties in a more balanced way.

Each session we will journey within for self-reflection and personal transformation. Working with empowering meditations, we will be guided towards states of peace, compassion, joy and gratitude that reside within us.

Find how empowering it is to feel fully centred and grounded in your body and learn ways to preserve and calm your energy. Learn how to experience more presence and peace of mind in your daily life.